Letter to My Son on Women’s Day

My dear Son,

I wish I could have a heart to heart conversation with you today about what’s going on in my mind but since you are only three and won’t be able to understand what I am talking about, I chose to write a letter to you instead. To start with, let me tell you a real life instance to give you an idea of the society where you are born.

Last year I texted one of my friends wishing her a Happy Women’s Day to which I got a very disheartening reply. It hinted at her notion that being the mother of a male child, how can I understand the importance of Women rights and Women equality. That day I couldn’t comprehend the relation between Women’s Day and the Y chromosome your father bestowed me with! And I wondered whether I would have been more of a woman if it was a X one.

No, not at all., my dear!! Being a mother is the greatest blessing which completes a Woman.

I hope the situations don’t remain the same when you are wise enough and reading this letter. But as of now, women are always judged for whatever they do or whatever situations they are in. Stay at home Moms are judged for not earning money and Working moms are judged for not taking care of their family. Women who give birth to females are looked upon with sympathy and those who borne males are looked upon with jealousy. The Real Woman with a big heart and an infinite capacity to love is rarely applauded.

When I was expecting you, me and your father wished for a healthy baby who would grow up to be a good human being. And when you were born, I knew I had an extra responsibility to raise a Real Chivalrous Man who will adore all the women in his life. My dear son,

  • Never think yourself to be superior than females of your age. They deserve equal opportunities and equal incentives.
  • Never let your male ego come in between your relationship with any woman, be it your sister, your friend or your wife.
  • Never judge a woman for her choices and don’t force your choices or opinions on the women in your life.
  • Be kind, honest and stand up for all the real women out there.
  • Last but not least, always remember Motherhood is the most beautiful thing and the most hardest phase for a woman. Make sure to make the mother of your child comfortable and happy.

I am and will always be Proud of you.



This blog post is a part of #Womensdayblogparty. I’d like to thank Bhakti Kotwal for introducing me. Read her post for this blog party HERE

Also do go to my friend Shankari Sundar’s blog post HERE to read her perspective on this Women’s Day.

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. thebittersweetmommy says:

    Simple and beautiful…..I think mothers of a girl child still goes through several traumas in our society…I am a mother of a boy but still I feel that it’s difficult and hard to be a mother of a girl child…

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  2. purpledreams says:

    Aww..that was a heartfelt letter. Loved reading it. Motherhood is motherhood, no matter what! And the struggle is real! This letter ensures that you making a genuine effort to make your boy the best human being. Get going girl 🤘

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  3. That is so beautifully written. I could relate to each and every word you wrote there. As parents it’s our added responsibility to raise kids who believe in equality and this is the age where we can teach them the most important lessons in life.

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  4. Aesha says:

    Our society needs moms like you who strive to raise responsible human beings. your posts says volumes of your parenting skills.

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  5. I feel for that person who responded in that manner to you. I think it takes a lot more courage and strength to raise a boy child who will be a virtuous and kind person, who will respect and treat women right. Very heartfelt letter. Thanks for joining in on our #WomensDayBlogParty

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  6. I hope this is a letter your son can read some day. People often say that moms of girls should teach them how to behave, dress, speak etc. But the truth is that as moms to boys, the responsibility is on us to teach our sons to be fair, supportive, understanding.

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