Mumma’s Little Girl

Savita was confused as to why her 15 year old daughter Kanu has asked to meet her in the park. She has taken an hour break from the office to meet her own daughter. Suddenly she realises it has been pretty long since she had a proper conversation with Kanu. She had been so busy with her work and office that she has no time for her own kids. She remembers how desperate she was to restart her career when her younger son finished his Kindergarten. She just wanted to run away from the confines of her own house and make a mark of her own. And once she joined the corporate sector, there was no looking back. She worked hard, got promoted, got incentives, started going on International trips and was now a manager of a well known company. Amidst all this, she had lost some wonderful moments with her kids. But now she was thinking were it some wonderful moments only that she missed or did she miss knowing her kids altogether? She returns home after they sleep and goes to work every morning before they wake up. On weekends either she is busy with her company work or the kids have one of their activity classes. Although there are two maids to take care of kids but she was now contemplating on how could she rely upon them?

Today her daughter called at Office and asked to meet her urgently. “What could be the reason? Does she have a boy friend? Is someone upsetting her? Is she alright? Hopefully she is not facing any trouble at School or Tuition classes”, she was racking her brains to get an idea what her daughter would say to her. Even though she remains busy, she has never missed talking to her kids’ teachers asking about their academic reports.She clearly remembers talking to her daughter’s teachers just few days back and was really proud when they told her she is doing exceptionally good in studies. She has been eating well too as per the maid’s reports. She has been exercising enough in her swimming classes and is keeping fit according to their family doctor’s report last month. So what could be the matter?

She is reminisced of the day Kanu was born. That day Savita was also reborn as a mother. The birth of first child is always memorable and special for any mother. She could feel goosebumps thinking of the time just before Kanu’s birth. The pain was intolerable. She was crying, yelling but still happy and ecstatic. The moment she held Kanu in her arms, it felt as if she doesn’t need anything else. She was a mother which is the most wonderful phase of a woman’s life. How scared she was to hold her tiny baby and how anxious she would get while cutting the nails of her baby in those initial days. She still remembers how she cried the whole day and night in guilt when 2 months old Kanu fell from the bed once.

She was lost in her thoughts when suddenly she felt a touch on her shoulders. It was Kanu. Yes, her daughter Kanu, all red faced and teary eyed. Savita quickly hugged her and asked “What happened Kanu? Are you ok?” “No, I am not, Mumma, Can I just be with you?”, cried Kanu. Savita suddenly goes back to the time when Kanu caught fever for the first time at the age of 1 and a half years. She cried and cried and just wanted her Mumma around. Savita used to sit for the whole night carrying Kanu in her lap and won’t even move for the fear of waking her up. And now she so wanted to go back in time and relive those wonderful motherhood moments.

“Do you remember Kanu when we went to Zoo for the first time. You were so much scared of the Elephant ride and kept your eyes shut for the whole time”, Savita tried to distract her. “No, Mumma I was not scared. I was just feeling sleepy”. Suddenly Kanu started crying again and then said,” Yes, Mumma I was scared like I am today.” Now Savita was getting more worried and had to force Kanu to tell her the reason.

‘Mumma, there’s something wrong with me. My clothes were all soaked with blood in the morning. Sunita aunty said I am not a little girl anymore. I am feeling so uncomfortable and these stomach cramps…’, Kanu was sobbing and hugged her Mumma once again. Savita was shocked at her own denial. How could she miss talking about such an important subject of Menarche with her girl. How could she forget that her little girl is growing up and needs her Mumma more than anyone else. Was work so much important for her even more than her daughter?

Do you spend enough time with your kids?

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  1. it bring back to my time. when my mom too shy to talk about menarche . it was my bua who told me about all about menstruation. it is really an important thing mom should talk about. soon will be my turn to share this womanhood secret to my doll

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  2. alpanadeo says:

    I can understand Kanu’s fear. When in today time, moms don’t tell their daughter or talk openly about menstruation. I was lucky enough to have that openness with my mom. I had a chat about it with my daughter last month. Even if I know she still has time to reach that age but it is better to make them prepared.

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  3. Mahak says:

    It’s really tough being a working mom and a constant struggle to find time. Though I am lucky to have a part time job where I can spend evenings with my son, I know many moms who do not have similar options.

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  4. Sharvi says:

    Very well written amitoj…and this is totally possible, some working moms may miss out…. Glad to have read this

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  5. Priya says:

    Beautifully written about the constant struggles and guilts of a working mother. You have touched upon an important subject too. Not just working mums many SAHMs are also not comfortables enough to tell their daughters about this milestone in their lives.

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  6. It brought tears into my eyes that how busy we get with the things that we forgot those precious moments. I left my job and started finding an alternative career that just i have those precious moments with my kids.

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  7. vidhiduggal says:

    Very sensitive post. True that we need to be with our kids during their growing up years.

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  8. nice post and very relatable to all the working as well as SAHM mothers. its very important to support and be with our lil ones during such milestones.


  9. Alubhujiablog says:

    Sometime I feel we have made Life much more complicated while the real happiness lies in simplicity and spending quality time with your dear ones .

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  10. Lovely write up. It took me back in my early days when my mom explained me. Thankful to my school for getting a lot of session arranged on the subject.

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  11. Amrita says:

    An important topic for discussion with our daughters.Beautiful narration.

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  12. shubhadabhide says:

    Growing up years can be tricky. Talking with kids is so important. Lovely post!

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  13. Geethica says:

    This is so emotional and happening these days. We are happy to be professional and able to manage all but the real happiness lies with the loved ones only. Luckily, I have found my career in blogging that can be done from home. However, it is not easy because children are always there to disturb. But this also an essence of life.
    Thank you for linking up with us

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  14. Tina Basu says:

    quite a sensitive post. Talking to kids about evey aspect of life is so imporatnt. they need to get answers from the people they consider their idols – which are parents mostly.

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