Himalaya FootCare Cream Review

For me, Winters are synonymous of Dryness and the look out for best moisturizer or oil starts even before winters approach. But we often tend to neglect our feet in winters even though according to a research, about half a litre of moisture is lost through our feet every day, causing extreme dryness,  loss of elasticity and damage to the skin. 

Recently I came across Himalaya FootCare Cream from Himalaya Wellness which not only moisturizes feet but also soothes the rough and cracked feet. 


  1. Natural Herbal Ingredients that heals and softens excessively dry and rough feet. 
  2. Contains Sal Tree extract which has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and thus protect feet from microbial infections. 
  3. Contains Natural Moisturizers which increase the natural moisture content and keep the feet moisturized. 
  4. Also contain Turmeric and honey which provide antiseptic and germicidal action.
  5. One of the natural ingredient Fenugreek helps heal cracks and relieve inflammation. 
  6. Keeps your feet soft,  supple and healthy. 

My Rating : 5/5

Have you heard the quote, “Be the kind of woman who, when your FEET  hit the floor each morning, the Devil says, “Oh no,  She’s up”. All mothers have to be on their feet for the whole day and it’s must for all the supermoms out there to have a healthy feet. Let’s include this FootCare cream in our daily hygiene regime too. 


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Blogsikka.com says:

    Frankly speaking this really works ND I cn show u my foot, which had lot ok for cracks but now no more crack

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  2. Loved the last words which you’ve jotted down about the devils thoughts, and thanks for sharing about this cream, surely getting one for myself!

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  3. Mrinal Kiran says:

    Himalaya foot cream looks like a really good cream for cracked heels! Have been seeing a lot a positive reviews over it! Will get one!

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  4. Joshita JJ says:

    I’ve been using this and I absolutely love it. It is great that it has very effective ingredients!

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  5. I’m certainly getting this foot cream. Am so much in need for something that could protect my feet this winters

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