We all strive to give the best to our kids and the moment our babies turn 2, the lookout for monthly subscription boxes starts..  Isn’t it?? Then comes the hardest part to choose the best one..  The number of activity boxes available are countless and personally I also wanted to order each and every option available..  But being practical,  we have to limit our choices to few.. 

Being an avid reader,  my first look out was for a book in an activity box.. Since we only have foreign author books in our son’s library, it was on my mind from a long time to introduce him to some Indian books.. And the moment I saw the glimpse of “The Red Raincoat” from Pratham Books in the PLB KIDS BOX, I ordered it immediately. From my experience, this is the one-of-a-kind activity box revolving around the story and has been perfectly themed according to the ongoing weather.. The theme for August PLB KIDS BOX was RAIN ☔ 

What’s included in the Book:

  1.  Introductory letter
  2. The Red Raincoat – a picture book for early readers
  3. Rainy Cloud – DIY craft
  4. Dancing Peacock – DIY craft
  5. Colour Me! – activity
  6. Weather Watch – activity

Book : The Red Raincoat 

Written by Kiran Kasturia and Illustrated by Zainab Tambawalla,  this book published by Pratham Books,  portrays the story of a little boy named Manu who awaits  one whole week for the rain so that he can wear his new raincoat. Every page of the book depicts the beauty of weather for a particular day. It was a perfect choice for a Rain themed activity box. 

Pic Coutesy: @plbkids

Rainy Cloud ☁ ☔ 💦

For this activity,  Box included a paper Cloud and three paper drops. We made pretend rain on the wall using the cloud and quilled tear drop shapes and the little one had a blast pinching the quilled rolls into tear drop shapes. 

Dancing Peacock 🌈

This craft included a paper peacock and the peacock feather printed paper sheet. Again we unleashed our creativity by cutting paper in the shape of feathers, pasted it on a sturdy piece of cardboard and glued the peacock in front. 

Colour Me Sheets ☔ 

There were 2 paper coloring sheets with the images of almost everything related to Rain!! My little peanut being obsessed with sponge painting these days insisted to do the same on these sheets too!! 

Weather Watch Sheet ☔☀ 🌈 

This was a kind of journaling for the weather everyday for one whole week. The best part was my little one learnt the difference between ‘Sunny day’ ☀ and ‘Rainy day’ ☔ Again we used circle shaped sponge for painting the sun showing sunny day and the rain stickers pertaining to Rainy day. 

Overall,  we thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Rain themed PLB kids box and I would like to enlist few pros and cons helping you make the right decision of subscribing to the same:


  1. Perfect theme chosen👍
  2. Almost everything related to the theme covered👍 
  3. Super fun and informational book covering days of week and all types of weather too👍
  4. Activities were left to our own creativity and imagination👍
  5. Personalization of the box with the name of my son on the cover❤
  6. Easy payment option and quick and hassle free delivery👍
  7. Budget friendly costing 500 rs. only and since we were among the first 10 to order,  we got 10% discount too👍


It would have been better if the crafts were sturdy enough for the toddlers to handle. Rest everything was superb!! 

In a nutshell,  PLB KIDS BOX is a best option for you if you are trying to raise a reader and a smart child.  Curators are accepting orders for September box also.  So hurry up guys and order yours @plbkids on Instagram. 

Note: This is a honest and unsponsored review.


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      1. Guriqbal singh says:

        Being a full -time mother is one of the highest salaried job since the payment is the pure love…….salute to u 👍

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