I had never thought that I would start a blog on parenting. Yes,  starting a blog was always on my mind (the one related to dentistry since I am a dentist by profession) but I could never see myself as a Mom Blogger. Isn’t it amazing how a tiny human being comes and changes your life forever?? And still more amazing is how your little one has a potential to unleash the best in you!!

It took me almost one month to decide what the first post of my blog should be. My mind was clouded with all sorts of ideas and when I sat down to write, it was all hazy. I wanted to document all of my motherhood journey till date in one post.. all the milestones he achieved.. his birthday celebrations.. his first day of school ( which I will be catching up later in this blog) but  first post had to be special. So here I am penning my thoughts on how being a mother turned out to be a bliss for me!!

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Dating back to March 2014 when the two pink lines caught us by surprise, we accepted it to be god’s will because I read somewhere that as much as you want to plan your life, it has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier than you originally planned!! And truly this unexpected turn of life led me into an ecstatic journey of my life called motherhood. At that moment my family and even I were sure that taking care of little one would not be my cup of tea.. I had always been coaxed by everyone for being too lazy and slothful. And the bun in my oven gave me another reason to lie down and sleep the whole day or indulge in activities I loved like scrapbooking and quilling. I knew that was not going to help me in any way to take care of my little one. But this gave me enough of “Me” time which I will always cherish in my life!!

The moment I was in operation theatre letting the doctors cut me up for the delivery of my baby, I realised how much I love my little piece of heaven. And when I saw him for the first time, he looked exactly my carbon copy and I immediately knew my life’s motive  : To take care of my little peanut, no matter what!! Thus began this swirling whirling journey of mine which I call as


Indolent to diligent aptly describes my journey as a mother.  I wonder how indolent and lazy I was always wanting to avoid exertion and how diligent and active I am now showing conscientiousness towards all my duties as a mother.

So to make this a unique write up,  I would like to enlist my INDOLENT qualities beginning with each letter of this word and then compare them with each letter of the word DILIGENT.

I : IRKED when things didn’t go my way… when I couldn’t find a thing.. when someone dared to clean up my messed cupboard and saw my stuff or when my mom praised me in front of relatives 😜 the last one is funny but I was this way..  I didn’t want my relatives to know I was good at some random stuff or I was learning to cook.. And I think Indian mothers boast a way too much 😜

N : NEVER ENTERED KITCHEN at will or  happily.. I remember my dad once made a rule that I will be cooking chapatis daily and I intentionally used to burn them so that no one cud eat😝 But like a good daughter in law I did try new dishes and helped my mother in law in kitchen just to impress her but it was always a mess and later on I realized impressing her with my culinary skills was not a good idea at all😁

D : DEPENDENT first on my parents and then on my husband for going out and for shopping choices.. I took driving lessons but my dad and husband were so scared that they never let me drive and so I never tried (oh wow, it rhymes). And yes I could never make a choice of what to buy while shopping and always my mom and husband came to my rescue..

O: OVERLOOKED all the positive and good habits and morals inculcated in me by my parents..  All I ever remembered (& always angry at)  was No haircut, No scooter, No short dresses..

L : LATE TO BED AND LATE TO RISE…  I was never a morning person at all..  You could keep me awake whole night but getting up early in morning was a No No.. I tried waking up early after my wedding but oops sorry I couldn’t.. Thankfully my husband always understood me..

E : ENERGY DEPRIVED most of the time.. All I longed to do was watch TV,  sit idle and sleep. Morning classes in dental college were not acceptable at all.

N : NEVER NOTICED the people around me..  I regret this one..  Why did I never notice hungry and naked children at roads? Why didn’t I care about the kidnapped kids news? I was just busy watching TV shows and craving for more clothes..

T : TETCHY and Impatient when my demands wouldn’t be fulfilled.. when I had to wait in a line or when the internet signal slowed down!!!

So u see how INDOLENT I was.. But this little peanut totally transformed me into DILIGENT person..  Just take a peek..

D : DELIGHTFUL always may what come… Yess I wasn’t irked when once while sleeping our whole bed sheet was full of poop including my arms🙊 (I had removed his diaper just half an hour before)..and I wasn’t irked when my son threw my phone and the screen shattered..

I : IMPERTURBABLE and calm and composed even when I had to sit the whole night with him in my lap despite the worst eye flu..  even when I have to read the same book around 10-20 times a day… even when I  have to listen “Color Gorilla finger family ” rhyme the whole day or even when I see the messy floor when I had just finished cleaning…

L : LATE TO BED AND ALWAYS READY TO WAKE UP on His Highness command.. I enjoy little of ME time I get after he sleeps but by the time I doze off, he wakes up again, says Momma and my heart melts..

I : I CAN COOK now.. When my little baby started solids at 6 months of age,  my cooking expertise began. Starting from simple yellow lentils water,  Dalia and Khichdi to baking cookies and pizza is explanatory enough!!

G : GRATEFUL to my parents for all the sacrifices they made for me..  For all the good morals.. For instilling in me God’s faith.. And for being the perfect example of parents..

E : EMOTIONAL and Sentimental.. I feel sad and upset at the sight of little kids begging for food and clothes at the traffic lights..

N : NOT DEPENDENT anymore..  I can drive now and I make best online shopping deals without consulting anyone..

T : TRYING TO BE A SUPERMOM and will continue this for the whole of my life may what come!!!

Being a parent changes everyone for good.. It’s a wonderful journey.. Cherish it guys!!  How has being a parent changed u??  Would love to hear your experiences in comments..



P. S.  Yes I did it..  My first blog post is finally done..  Heart full of thanks to my husband and my sisters for believing in me and encouraging me to start my own blog and loads of love to my little peanut for making my life worthwhile 😍

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  1. neenabrar says:

    Love this post. Welcome to the world of blogging.

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  2. Sharvi says:

    Amazingly expressed love it


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